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MGM Management is an environmental consulting company headed by Mark McKenney. Mark is a Canadian citizen holding a diploma is Chemical Engineering Technology, 1971; as well as a Bachelor of Arts, 1988 in Law & Justice.

MGM Management is a federally incorporated company (6528058 Canada Inc.) providing its clients with extensive experience in environmental technical analysis, project management, market development and environmental policy advice. MGM Management has worked for clients across Canada and North America.

The three main sectors of expertise of MGM Management are in product stewardship (recycling & packaging stewardship, litter management, and industrial - hazardous wastes); water and wastewater management (wells, water treatment, water distribution systems and wastewater), and in environmental investigations.

Mark has been working in the chemical and environmental fields for 35 years. Beginning with a career in industrial chemistry he was involved with the development of pollution abatement strategies dealing with air, water, and waste management. He has worked on pollution problems affecting forest products industries, pulp & paper, mining, chemical manufacturing, municipal waste management, recycling programs, wastewater treatment, municipal water treatment, supply and distribution.

Positions that he has held have included industrial chemical research postings, 16 years with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) in progressively responsible positions including the administration of municipal waste management (recycling) grants ($30 million per year), environmental enforcement, legal orders and legally binding programs including C of A's, water and wastewater projects, air emissions, and Environmental Assessments exemptions. Additionally he held positions as Executive Assistant to the Deputy Minister and as Executive Assistant to the Minister of the Environment, participating in MOE decisions at the highest levels.

While at MOE, Mark was a senior manager assisting in the creation of the Investigations & Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of the Environment. He also managed over 60 investigative staff, conducting thousands of environmental investigations over the term of his tenure, many leading to high profile environmental court cases.

Returning to the private sector in 1989, he was Executive Director of Ontario Multi-Material Recycling Inc. (OMMRI) and also President of a national organization of beverage container recyclers (Beverage Recovery in Canada Inc.). As President of BRinC, he assisted in creating beverage container management companies that operate collection systems, on behalf of brand owners, in several Canadian provinces.

Most recently Mark McKenney created and is the President of MGM Management, an environmental consultancy. MGM Management provides services in the environmental and waste management areas, recycling, secondary materials marketing, environmental audits and program evaluations for private and governmental organizations. His client list includes major international corporations across Canada, the USA and in Europe.

In August 2000, he was retained as a key member of the legal team defending the Town of Walkerton ( Brockton), in regards to the waterborne disease outbreak that occurred in that community in May 2000. Mark was a policy advisor to the legal team and head of research for their efforts in defending the Town of Walkerton, its Council members and Mayor during the Walkerton Inquiry and in civil suits arising from that matter.

Mark is also a Past President of the Canadian Environmental Industry Association - Ontario Chapter, and is a past-member of the City of Toronto, Sustainability Roundtable, reporting to City Council.

Core proficiencies include: environmental-regulatory-governmental affairs, drinking water and waste water management, air resources management, Certificate of Approvals, waste management including recycling and producer responsibility systems, litter surveys & programs, environmental and packaging audits. He has significant and numerous contacts throughout the environmental community in Toronto, Ontario, across North America and in Europe. He brings extensive governmental and business experience to assist clients.

In 2002, Mark was engaged as Executive Director of the Water Treatment Advisory Network. WTAN is a group of Ontario water manufacturers & engineering companies with special expertise in drinking water safety. The goal of WTAN is to provide the Ontario government with unbiased expertise to enhance drinking water safety in Ontario, and Canada. WTAN members are global leaders in their fields of water treatment and include: Zenon Environmental Inc., Trojan Technology, U.S. Filter/ Vivendi, Delcan International Inc., R.J. Burnside & Associates and the Walkerton Centre for Water Quality.

MGM Management are experts in the subject of litter. We have conducted 15 major litter audits for a variety of clients (see Litter) . MGM Management has assembled over 54,000 field observation data points describing the types of litter on streets and highways in North America.

Mark is the Managing Director of a national conference dealing with stewardship – the Conference on Canadian Stewardship. This bi-annual industry led conference brings together business and government policy leaders to discuss key issues affecting producer responsibility programs in Canada. More information is available at :

Mark is a regular speaker at environmental conferences on the subjects of recycling, producer responsibility, water services and due diligence in preparing corporate entities to meet their environmental responsibilities. He is a regular guest speaking to Boards of recycling system operation companies across Canada, including those in BC, Alberta, and the Maritime Provinces.

MGM Management moved its offices to British Columbia in 2006, and while servicing the needs of our western North American client base, we continue to work with clients across Canada and North America.