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MGM Management assists our clients by carrying out environmental investigations and audits. These can be the cornerstones of creating an environmental management system ( EMS) to meet your legal and civil law responsibilities. Mark McKenney was formerly a senior Manager in the Ministry of the Environment's - Investigations and Enforcement Branch, responsible for thousands of such investigations.

We can assist you in understanding, before or after an environmental event, the exact circumstances that occurred. Often this can serve as the foundation of a "due diligence" defence if quasi-criminal prosecution is launched by authorities. Often, if completed prior to an event, this approach allows management the opportunity to correct deficiencies before problems arise. Our Investigative and Audit Services include:

Compliance Audit

  • Evaluate pertinent environmental legislation / Regulations
  • Report on Compliance and areas of deficiencies
  • Propose corrective solutions

Event Investigation

  • Acting for our client - examine what happened if an environmental "event" occurs (spill, explosion, discharge, by-pass, violation of Certificate or licence)
  • Unbiased assessment - report to Management or legal counsel
  • Documenting "due diligence" and provide legal defence if prosecution launched by authorities

Operational Audit

  • Examine operations management systems as they pertain to environmental laws
  • Maintenance programs adequate
  • Reporting and responsibilities
  • Policies

Due Diligence Report

  • Document roles, responsibilities
  • Chain of responsibilities
  • Show "all reasonable care has been taken" to defend breach of environmental laws
  • Regular reports to Management, Directors, Shareholders as appropriate
  • Insurance liabilities reduced

Environmental Awareness Training - Management

  • We offer a full program of environmental awareness counselling for managers, Directors, Councillors for corporate and municipal officials
  • Statutory and civil liability explained
  • Programs to document roles and responsibilities
  • Due Diligence programming
  • Communications and reporting

Environmental Awareness Training - Operations Personnel

  • Operational personnel have their instructions delegated to them from persons in authority
  • How this is done is important to understand their responsibilities
  • Reporting and communications skills
  • How to protect the corporation and the employee are explained

Our Investigations and audit colleagues have been involved in thousands of environmental cases for over 20 years. They have assisted in creating the Province of Ontario's environmental enforcement programs, and taught many of these investigative skills to hundreds of inspectors and government investigators. We offer these skills to our clients in order to assist them in protecting themselves and the natural environment.